Put simply, they are related to each other.

What I am saying is that the relationship is relatively unclear.

“In comparison to what is it unclear?” The answer is when it is compared to the relationship between listening and speaking, and the relationship between reading and writing.

When you have learned to be able to listen, you can pick up by ear useful materials for writing.

Of course, it presupposes that you have attained an unconscious grasp of English, but my method is about getting into the habit of doing that from the beginning.

Broadly speaking, English learning is classified into listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all of which are related to each other.

例えば TOEIC はリスニングとリーディングのみを行う試験ですが、それはリスニングとスピーキング、リーディングとライティングが密接な関係があるといわれているからです。
For example, TOEIC tests your listening and reading only. That is because listening is said to be closely related to speaking, and reading is to writing.

しかし私がはじめての TOEIC 受験時は 950 をとったとはいえ、それ以前のスピーキング経験はまったくのゼロでしたし、ライティングは大学受験まではやっていたものの、きちんと英語の実力がある人が添削してくれることはなかったので、ほとんど独学に近い状態でした。
But when I took TOEIC for the first time, I had had no experience of speaking before, even though I scored 950. I did practice writing before my university entrance examinations, but no reliable teacher was there to correct my compositions, so I was virtually learning by myself.

英語というのを本当にただの「TOEIC で点を取るためだけの手段」と割り切るなら、リスニング・リーディングだけやっていればいい、それも、TOEIC で出題されるようなリスニング・リーディングのみをやればいい、ということになりますが、TOEIC でいいスコアを取って、その後それを生かして何をやりたいのか、と考えたときに、その後スピーキングやライティングはまったく必要とならないのでしょうか?
If you think of English just as “a means of solving TOEIC problems”, it can be concluded that all you have to do is just listening and reading, especially TOEIC-style listening and reading questions. But when you consider that what you want to do after getting a good score in TOEIC is speak English, do you think that speaking and writing skills are totally unnecessary?

そういった意味で TOEIC はきちんと英語の能力を反映できているとは思えません。
In that sense, I don’t think that TOEIC properly reflects the examinee’s English abilities.

Don’t you wish you could speak and write English well even if you don’t need to do that for your work?

または、TOEIC の点数がいいくせに、いざふたを開けてみたらネイティブ相手にろくにしゃべれないし、英語メールを書かせてみたら実はぼろぼろだったというのはやですよねえ。
Or don’t you hate it if you find yourself unable to communicate well with native speakers and useless in writing English emails after getting a good score in TOEIC?

I hope that everyone will keep the balance in practicing listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Of course listening should be the first priority because that way you can save the most energy.

ただ TOEIC の試験前一週間とかは、ぜんぜんいいんですよ、TOEIC 対策になる英語だけをやって。むしろそうやるべきです。
But mind you, you can, or rather you should, concentrate on TOEIC preparation, say, during the week before the date of your exam.

The same is true of Eiken.

You should do only the things necessary for your test, in the same style as the test.

But at other times, I hope you will keep the balance in studying English irrespective of what exams you are going to take, and will gradually come to feel how interesting and fun it is to truly make English a natural part of yourself.

I’m now talking big but in fact, I am one of those people who are in the process of learning English every day, feeling “how interesting and fun it is to truly make English a natural part of themselves”.

とはいえ、20 歳まではリスニングとリーディングにひどく偏った勉強をしながらも、その後思い切ってスピーキングやライティングの世界にも積極的に踏み込んでいったことで、何か今までの自分とは違う自分を持つことができたような、そういう新鮮さを感じることができました。
Although there was a lack of balance in the way I studied English until I was 20, with too much emphasis on listening and reading, I plucked up the courage and plunged into the fields of speaking and writing. Thanks to that experience, I felt that I was fresh again, as if I had found another me inside.

I got this feeling first: “Of course it’s me, but the language is totally different! I don’t feel my usual self. There’s something mysterious about this” and I came to think, “Sometimes it’s easier to get by in English with more positive attitudes arising from inside. This is a language that lets me show a different color of myself.